'I can’t recommend Jonathan highly enough. From the first time we met, he generously offered frank and astute advice, keeping our expectations realistic, while at the same time making very clear what we had to do to maximise our chances of a good sale at a good price. My advice is: follow his advice!

We put in the hard yards to put the house in optimal condition, and then he did the rest, with intelligently conceived and developed advertising, a listing that really brought out the distinctive features of the house without overselling it, and the kind of positive honesty that is instinctively trustworthy. So much so that we were ok putting our house on the market while we were overseas. First open home the day after we left, and exchange the day after we got back.

I had no concerns leaving him in charge of everything (and it was nice to only have to prepare the house once!). We got a great price, and just as importantly, he found people who will love the house (and the view) as much as we did.

You can trust him to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, and you can trust him to give you clear advice on how to maximise the value of your home—not just how to make it look nice, but how to bring out its qualities in a way that complements its strengths. And you can trust him to look after potential buyers in a way that works to everyone’s benefit. What a great find: I’m so glad we met him!'

Seth & Lu